Person to Person Payments

Through the CB2GO mobile app, quickly transfer funds between two people, instantly.

P2P Payment - FAQs

How do I activate P2P?

  • Enroll your Community Bank Debit Card under Manage Cards by entering your card information.

Can I use a debit or credit card from another financial institution to send funds?

  • No, only Community Bank Debit cards may be used to fund transactions.

How is the money transferred from my account to the receiver?

  • The funds are debited from your account using your Community Bank Debit Card. The person receiving the funds will provide either their bank’s Debit Card or Routing and Account Number to complete the transaction.

How quickly are the funds transferred?

  • Transfers to remove the funds from the sending account will take place immediately. However, the timing of funds received will depend on when the person receiving the funds responds to the email/text message and when their financial institution posts the transfer. The posting of the transfer is dependent on the business day of that institution. In general transfers received by debit card will be immediately available when the debit card information is entered to accept the funds. Transfers received by Routing and Account number will take 2-3 days to post.

What is my daily limit?

  • Each transfer is limited to $500 each. Multiple transfers per day may be processed. The number of transactions per day are limited by the daily card limit. This limit also includes transactions authorized by other means. (ie. Stores, reoccurring bill payments, etc.)

Are there any transaction limitations?

  • Two payments are allowed in a rolling 15 minute window.

What should I do if my payment is rejected?

  • Pin reject – Retry the transaction if pin number was miskeyed. Contact the bank for assistance if the pin number is unknown.
  • Balance reject – Verify the available balance of the account being debited and retry the transfer.
  • General Error – A general error warning will appear if you have already attempted or completed 2 transfers in a rolling 15 minute window. Retry the transactions once this window is passed.
  • Other message – Please contact the bank for assistance.

How long does the recipient have to claim the funds?

  • Payments automatically reverse after 10 days.

Who do I contact if I send the funds to the wrong email address or phone number?

  • Contact the bank to place a stop payment on the transfer. Only transfers in the SENT status may be stopped. The bank is unable to retrieve transfers in the RECEIVED or RETURNED status. Please note a fee may be applicable.

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