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Online Treasury Management services allow us to offer you a comprehensive set of business services. In addition to all the features in our basic online banking menu, Treasury Management services include:

  • ACH Origination* allows you to manage the transfer of funds in and out of your account on your schedule. The most common use of ACH credits is Direct Deposit for employees and payment of invoices to vendors. ACH Debits allow you to collect payments from customers, giving you more control over your cash flow.

*Business customers utilizing ACH or wire services will be issued a security token for each user.

  • Rather than make a trip to the bank, initiate wires via your online banking.

  • Protect the flow of funds from your account with positive pay services by providing the bank with a list of checks authorized to clear your account. We’ll match the check number and transaction amount to each check presented on your account. If it doesn’t match, you will have the opportunity to tell us to pay the item or return it to the depositing bank.

  • We know the business and understand the needs of merchants and community associations, and we cater specifically to your needs. This check processing solution simplifies the remittance process by allowing you to outsource the processing and depositing of payments to your bank.

  • Our MyDeposit system lets you easily scan and electronically deposit checks to your business accounts right from your desk–saving you the time and the expense of driving to the bank. Images of your checks are sent safely and securely to the bank to be processed just like they were delivered in-person. You can use your current computer (some updates may be necessary) connected to the Internet and one of our check scanners. Sure, we’ll miss serving you in-person at the bank, but we understand it’s a fast paced world, and you’ve got work to do! Call or come by to find out how you can start using MyDeposit today.

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