Fall in Love with CB

February 14, 2017 |

Valentine’s Day is here…already. Love is in the air. We’re thinking about the ones we love – our spouse, our children, our parents, our friends – and planning a nice surprise to show them just how much we care.

On the other hand, you may not be a big fan of Valentine’s Day. It could simply serve as a convenient excuse to buy candy. Maybe not, if you’re trying to stick to your newly made resolutions.

If you’re planning Valentine’s dinner, what restaurants make your list and why? Is it the to-die-for dessert, or the romantic atmosphere? Maybe it’s convenient, and the kids eat free.

You love your go-to places for a reason – the customer service, the location, the price, the taste, the selection. Have you ever thought about loving your bank the same way?  If not, it’s time to fall in love with Community Bank.

You’re probably thinking “all banks are the same.” Are you sure about that? When is the last time you tried to contact someone at a local office to get a CD rate? Did the automated answering system give you the answer you needed? Probably not. Most of us have been the person yelling “representative” into the phone, but getting nowhere. Why not call a bank where someone in that office actually answers the phone? Wouldn’t that make it so much easier? At Community Bank there is no need to yell “representative”; we are here for you – live and in person, and we’re friendly! Reason #1 to fall in love.

Your home town is special, right? Having Community Bank in your home town is even more special. We know the best places to eat, the back roads, and each other. There is just something comfortable about home – you trust it. Shouldn’t you feel that way about your bank? We think so. We are home town. You’ll find us in the booth next to you, beside you in our lawn chairs watching fireworks, running in a 5K to support local organizations, in the stands cheering on our kids (and yours!), and maybe even in our comfy Saturday clothes doing the weekly grocery shopping. We understand this town, and what is going on here. Fall in love with local. We have!

Being local doesn’t have to mean being behind the times. Being a local bank doesn’t mean avoiding “big bank” technology. Community Bank gives you both – that home town, local feeling with the cutting-edge tech you want. From Apple Pay and P2P payments to online budgeting tools and mobile deposit, Community Bank has you covered. And when life calls for a little getaway, we’ll reimburse your foreign ATM fees automatically because no one should be punished for being out of town. If you love the convenience of technology, fall in love with the bank that has it all – Community Bank!