A Special Salute to Our Veterans

April 11, 2017 |

Sacrifice? Honor? Service? These characteristics instantly trigger in our minds the American Heroes that make up our Military.

Our military Veterans and those currently serving sacrifice a great deal for our country, many paying the ultimate sacrifice with their very lives. At Community Bank, we deeply appreciate the service of these brave American heroes. To honor them, we are now offering Veterans something extra to show our appreciation in a tangible way.

At Community Bank, we are improving the traditional Veteran’s Administration, 100% loan program that we’ve long offered through our Mortgage Division to our Veterans, changing the name to Community Heroes VA Loan—and adding some special perks to help our Veterans buy or refinance a home.    

With our new Community Heroes VA Loan, our Mortgage Loan Officers offer the same great VA loan that nationally has helped to finance more than 20 million Veterans into homes. To make it even better, we give the following additional benefits just for our Community Bank Veteran customers:

  • Exceptional rates: VA loans traditionally offer a competitive interest rate, but we’re making sure we are providing our Veterans the very best rates possible. We are finding that our rates tend to beat the rates of many of the large, national VA lenders.
  • $400 Cash: After closing, we will also be depositing $400 into a Community Bank savings account set up for our borrower.  Many Veterans come out of the service with little or no savings and we hope this will help start a trend of saving for the future.
  • $100 Donation: Also after closing, Community Bank will make a $100 donation to a non-profit, veteran’s organization that serves the daily needs of our military.  There are some worthy organizations doing some fantastic work to help our Veterans and we’ll help them by making this donation in honor of our Veteran customer.
  • We’ll Bring a Meal on Move-in Day: Veterans serve each of us every day to protect our country and the freedoms we all value. Another way we can serve them is by bringing and serving them a hot meal on the day they move into their new home. This is just another way for us to say “Thank You”—and for us to serve them for a change.

We all owe the men and women of our Armed Forces a debt of gratitude for their service and sacrifice. At Community Bank, we encourage you to find some way of your own to say “Thank You”. It may be just a greeting and a “Thank you for your service” to someone you see in a military uniform. It may be making a monetary donation to a worthy cause that serves the many needs of our Veterans. It may be volunteering with a Veterans service organization. And it may be sharing the news about the Community Heroes VA Loan program with someone you know who could be helped by it. There are so many things we can do to show them our support. So, let’s get started.         

By: Joe McNeese
President – Mortgage