Community Bank is excited to now offer Debit Cards with tap-to-pay technology, which allows you to swipe, insert and tap to pay for purchases.

tap to pay


Cropped shot of an unrecognizable woman making payment in a store


Just hover your card near the reader for a few seconds, get your confirmation, and go.
Don’t see the contactless symbol on your card? Simply request a Contactless Card.


A contactless card adds additional convenience when paying for purchases. In addition to the ways you are accustomed to using your CB Debit Card, like swiping or inserting the chip, you can now pay with a quick tap.

Your new contactless CB Debit Card utilizes the same security technology used in your current chip card. This technology lessens the chance of personal card information being obtained than when cards are swiped.

For most purchases, the transaction will be as simple as tap and pay. Some merchants may require a signature or PIN to complete purchases.