Gain financial control in minutes with myMoney – the personal financial management tool to help you track spending, saving and goals.


Community Bank is proud to offer myMoney, a free personal financial management tool for our customers. myMoney allows you to easily add all of your financial accounts in one place, even those outside of Community Bank, so you can instantly view your total spending, savings, and goals with one secure log in.


myMoney shows your spending by category, allows you to set goals and create budgets, includes a cash flow calendar, and so much more! myMoney is available online and in Community Bank’s mobile app, CB2GO.


Your Community Bank deposit and loans accounts will automatically populate. To add other non-Community Bank deposit or loan accounts, or bills, select “Add Account” from the menu.

Getting Started is Easy!

  1. Click here to log in to Online Banking and then click on the myMoney tab.
  2. Then select “Add Account” from the menu.
  3. In the secure fields provided, enter your id and password for each account you wish to aggregate.
  4. Sit back and watch as myMoney compiles all of the data.
  5. Explore all of your financial accounts in this one, secure window and experience power and security as you gain control of your money!


Viewing all of your financial accounts in one place allows you to easily see your spending and savings and make changes to meet your goals. The visual depictions of your spending and progress towards your goals are informative and motivating. Knowledge is power and myMoney puts you in control!


We invite you to log in, add your accounts, and gain control of your money with myMoney!

Click here to try out the demo site.

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“Our relationship with Community Bank is better described as a valued partnership than a customer vendor relationship. Community Bank’s culture centers around the human relationships. They invest the time and energy to get to know individuals in our organization and understand what will add value to our current situation. They work hard to optimize that value and the result has been a highly transparent and efficient relationship that has indeed optimized our organization’s objectives. It is a banking relationship that goes beyond the products themselves and continues to be viewed as a valued partner for our organization.”

— Vance, Community Bank customer in Mississippi