Community Bank Announces New Headquarters

January 25, 2018 |

Community Bank is pleased to announce its plans to construct a new headquarters located in Flowood, Mississippi.  “We are proud to be a part of Rankin County, having been a member of this community for over twenty years. Community Bank is delighted to further our commitment to the area by bringing this new state of the art headquarters that will serve as the cornerstone for our four state, forty-seven office company,” commented Charles W. Nicholson, Jr., President and CEO of Community Bank. “We are honored to continue to be the only bank headquartered in Rankin County. In addition to the full service banking services, our customers are accustomed to, our headquarters facility will also provide tenant spaces within the larger mixed-use ‘live, work and play community’ being developed at Waterton.”

The Community Bank Headquarters building at Waterton will be the centerpiece of a new traditional neighborhood development (TND) in Flowood. The four story, 90,000 gsf steel structure will front the central town square and is clad with a classic combination of precast concrete columns and spandrel panels and Community Bank’s signature Rosedale red brick masonry veneer,” commented Russ Blount, AIA, with Dale Partners Architects.   “Large expanses of aluminum and glass curtain wall windows between precast and brick clad columns and spandrel panels will allow ample light into tenant spaces.”

The second floor and half of the third floor will be devoted to tenant space.  Community Bank’s accounting, marketing and credit departments will be housed on the remainder of the third-floor. The fourth floor will house Community Bank’s executive offices, as well as a 2,030 gsf community rooms that can be divided into smaller meeting spaces.  Balconies on the four corners of the building will give the public and executives ample opportunities to enjoy the views of Waterton and the lake beyond.

The building will also set new standards for energy efficiency in the area. The mechanical system will utilize high efficiency ground source geothermal energy for heating and cooling of the building’s interior spaces to maximize energy efficiency and provide an environmentally friendly all electric office building. Geothermal energy is considered one of the most environmentally friendly methods of providing energy for building HVAC systems. The system will utilize approximately 200 bore wells below some of the surface parking areas extending hundreds of feet into the Earth’s crust. Additionally, LED lighting will be used throughout the building.

Headquarters Announcement

Headquarter’s Rendering