At Community Bank, we take fraud seriously. It is our goal to keep your personal and financial information secure. We will work with you to fight fraud.


After confirming the transaction does not belong to you or any secondary cardholders, you can report fraudulent activity by calling your local branch or 866.217.3305.

These are the methods our fraud center will use to contact you about suspicious transactions:


You will receive a text alert from the number 96923. If the transaction is valid, reply with Y; if the transaction is fraudulent reply with N.


If no response is received from the text message, you will receive an automatic email notification. You will then have the option to click on the appropriate response in regards to the potential fraud.


If there is no response within 5 minutes, you will receive an automated phone call. The automated phone call will ask you to confirm or deny the possible fraud. There will also be an option to speak directly to a fraud specialist.

Text messages and emails will be sent 24 hours a day, phone calls will be made only between 8 AM and 9 PM. Our messages and caller will never ask for your debit card PIN, account number or debit card number. We will use your 5 digit zip code to confirm transactions.

If fraud is confirmed, you will be asked to call 855-293-2456 to discuss. Please call us from the number that you were contacted on, as the fraud center only recognizes the current number on our system.

No. In an effort to protect your information and prevent further unauthorized use of your account, your debit card will immediately be deactivated. You will receive a replacement card within 5-7 business days.

  • Keep your contact information up to date to ensure we can reach you quickly in the event of suspected fraud.
  • Sign up for text alerts in our CB2GO mobile app. These alerts allow you to monitor your account activity and quickly stop any potential fraud.